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carving a scroll

La Bresque is a brisk trout-stream running through the middle of the Var in Provence. I spent a part of my life overlooking la Bresque, while living in the ancient village of Entrecasteaux. It was an inspiring and formative time for me, and as I put my creativity to work, Bresque Basses & Cellos is the result.

My name is Matthew Tucker; I live and work in Sydney, Australia. I make, repair and restore double basses and cellos. I specialise in these instruments; there are plenty of other people looking after violins, violas and guitars ...

Working on these wonderful instruments is for me a perfect combination of drawing, design, physics, chemistry, music, sculpture, woodwork, acoustics, detective-work, magic and mumbo jumbo.

I'm available for setups, restorations, repairs, modifications and bow rehairs. You are most welcome to visit my workshop in the Inner West, by appointment. Bring your instrument in and I will give your a free checkup and - if you want it - a quote for the work you want done.

My setup goal is to make your instrument sound its best, and be easy to play; both aspects are equally important. The quality of my restoration and repair work is on show on this website for you to see, and my work is guaranteed.

I can convert most double basses to a removable neck configuration without loss of tone or volume.

Bresque Basses and Cellos is the sister entity of Sydney Basses and Cellos.

You can contact me using the Contact link in the side menu. Or just Google me!

Lastly, if you like double basses as much as I do, have a look at the ones that appear in Rita's paintings.


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From August 1 2016 I am operating out of a new workshop in Marrickville. 


The new space has more room, a better layout and is altogether a better environment for making, repairing and restoring basses and cellos.

Clients are welcome to visit, but I prefer to do this by appointment so that I can give you individual attention.

I also have a small inventory of basses for sale and/or rental.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Tel: 0414 549 174.



New flatback bracing design






This is a new flatback bracing design that I developed at Oberlin this year. It is designed to allow the wood of the back to expand and contract with the weather without causing internal strife from popping braces and cracked seams, which is a common issue in flatback basses.

The diamonds are reinforcements for the longitudinal seams.

Contact me for more information about this bracing system and the thinking that went into it.



Success at ISB 2015 - Colorado


solo3q  solobk

My 2015 solo bass, made with Tasmanian Blackwood, received a Silver Medal for Tone at the ISB Convention in Colorado!

I took the bass over in June and entered it into the international makers competition, in a field of 25 makers. The Silver Medal is the highest award given in that category.


Here's what the Judges said:


"Very easy to play. Lovely upper register G string, with a refined sound, excellent projection and good balance overall across the strings ... the solo quality is striking. Although delicate, the sound has wonderful bottom to reinforce it." - John Clayton

"Beautiful, clear and compelling tone, good consistent dynamic range and seamless response. Truly exceptional ergonomics ... too easy to play! A fantastic, versatile bass" - Or Baraket

"This is a wonderful, easy to play travel bass especially for solo, jazz and chamber group." - Nick Scales

The bass is now on sale and can be played at AES Fine Instruments in New York.







2015 Solo Bass build


I started building a new bass this january. Its my own design, based on the Castelvecchio model and made from Tasmanian Blackwood.


tasbass     taswood 


Hawkes Panormo restoration


I've been restoring this nice Hawkes Panormo. Most of the body is in great condition but the top and scroll are badly damaged. also, the top varnish has been ruined by anoither repairer, so i decided to strip the rubbish off and revarnish the repaired top. 







Oberlin Bass Workshop


In 2014 I attended the Oberlin Bass makers workshop for another week of working with other bass makers from around the globe.

Here's a pic of some of the tools and materials I took along.







2013 Tucker "Lott" model bass clip:

 Here's a clip of Martin Wind playing my Lott Model bass at ISB last year. With him is the great Lynn Seaton. In the background, that's Chuck Israels looking a little puzzled!



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Marco Panascia


What a pleasure to have the great New York bassist Marco Panascia drop by to see my basses on the Sydney leg of his Australian tour!

Marco had some very nice things to say about my basses ...


" amazing instruments, a real joy to play and behold ... impressed with this instrument's beauty, playability and deep, resonant tone."

Marco will be playing this instrument below with the Matt Baker Group at the Seymour Centre on Tuesday 17th September 2013.



Marco Panascia visit


**New Bass awarded  Certificate for Tone **


Yes, my latest double bass, inspired by the basses of John Lott sr, received an award for tone at the 2013 International Society of Bassists Luthiers Competition in Rochester, NY, in a field of 27 world class basses.

I travelled with this neck-off bass in two large lightweight boxes - checked luggage all the way - and only paid $175 in excess/oversize charges on one internal US flight. The bass arrived undamaged and received I received great compliments from some wonderful player and luthiers while I was there. What a wonderful week!

Here's the award-winning bass, with wonderful soloist Stefano Sciascia and me ...

Stefano Sciascia and Matthew Tucker ISB 2013


School Instruments need fixing?

End of term is a great time to get those broken basses and cellos in for repair or maintenance. I guarantee that when the instrument is returned to you, it will actually sound better and be easier to play than when you bought it. The kids will actually enjoy playing!

Piano tuning or repairs?


If you  need a piano tuner, and lets face it, we all do, call Martin Tucker at Tuckertune. Based in Hobart, Martin is Conservatorium trained, has been tuning and repairing pianos for over 20 years, and is the best there is. He travels quite extensively around Australia too, and may be visiting your area. He's also a nice guy.


Current projects

Prague-made double bass repair here:



Bill Paulin EUBs

I'm now representing Australian-made Bill Paulin Electric Upright Basses in Sydney.

These are great electric uprights, beautifully and individually made from exotic woods, and with their correct geometry and balanced weighting they really feel close to a real double bass.  Prices start around $2500.  contact  me to arrange a demonstration in my Sydney workshop.


The Paulin EUB is the one on the left, of course.

 Click on this link to hear Chris Frazier playing his new Paulin EUB.

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Clever Photography - Bass string movement

Here's something fascinating.

This is not a trick shot, just clever photography at very high shutter speed.

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